How to Set Up Your Mobile AudioTour


At this point let’s assume you have completed step 1: Request AudioTour & step 2: Download Guide (i.e. Guide to Tourbuilder).

Upon submitting a Mobile AudioTour Request Form a Spatial Adventures representative contacted you (or will contact you) to provide a price quote and to answer your questions. Let’s assume you notified your Spatial rep that you’re ready to get started. Your rep then created your audio tour site, obtained a local area code tour phone number, and created your account on the customer web portal. If, in the alternative, you called us (as opposed to submitting a Request Form) and notified the Spatial rep that you’re ready to get started then a similar process occurred and you now have an audio tour site, local area code tour phone number, and an account on the customer web portal.

Content Development (6 steps)

  1. Write scripts for each stop (i.e. each point of interest on your tour). Recommended duration for a stop is 30 sec - 1min.
  2. Select method for recording audio - options include recording on a computer using audio s/w, recording at a studio (local colleges will often make their facilities available), recording over the phone using our voice portal, or outsourcing the recording to Spatial Adventures.
  3. Log onto the customer web portal at and use Tourbuilder to build your tour (e.g. create stops, upload audio to your stops, assign recordings made over the voice portal to your stops, and so forth).
  4. Record and upload a Welcome (e.g. “Hello and welcome to the Acme mobile phone tour”).
  5. (Optional) Record and upload an Introduction - the Introduction is played the 1st time a visitor dials into the tour within a 24-hour interval. Depending on the tour complexity, we may advise the recording of tour instructions. In those cases we also provide the instruction script.
  6. (Conditional) If you are creating a bilingual tour or multi-track tour we provide you with scripts for a small number of custom prompts.

Signage / Brochures

Design and order signage in parallel with content development.
We can generate a sample sign (incorporating your logo, tour phone number, stop number, and a QR code) that you can use as a reference or starting point.

Save on printing costs by incorporating information about the mobile phone tour in your standard brochure. Many venues already include a map in their standard brochure and the mobile phone tour stops can be added to the map.