"Mobile Tours Made Easy..."

Mobile AudioTour Services

  • Classic mobile phone audio tour (1 language, 1 track)
  • Multilingual mobile phone audio tour (>1 language, 1 track)
  • Multiple track mobile phone audio tour (>1 track -- i.e. 2 or more tours on 1 phone number & audio tour site)
  • Audio descriptive mobile phone tour (Specialized audio tour for the visually impaired)
  • Text services (Event announcements, real-time Q&A, push or pull information, coupons, interactive games/quizzes)

Mobile AudioTour Features

Visitor feedback:
At any time during tour, visitor is able to record audio comments.
Mobile advertising:
Mobile audio advertising functionality is integrated into the mobile phone tour service.
Unlimited stops:
No limit placed on the number of stops in a tour or on the duration of stops.
Unlimited concurrent usage:
No limit placed on the number of visitors that can participate in a tour at the same time.
Universal service:
Works for all phones (Standard cell phone, Smartphone, landline)

Portal & Content Development Features

Web portal:
Customers receive accounts on the web portal and can view a wide range of usage statistics on a 24/7 basis.
Tourbuilder is an app that is part of the customer web portal that enables our customers to control and manage their tours. Add/change/delete audio stops, add/change/delete audio content, upload audio files over the web or record audio files over the phone.
Voice Portal:
The voice portal enables our customers to dial a phone number and record audio content over the phone. The audio recordings are then easily assigned to tour stops using Tourbuilder.
Recording Services:
Spatial Adventures works with a studio whose professional voice talent is available for hire to record audio in a variety of languages. The studio also offers language translations services.