Smartphone TourApp Service

"Mobile Tours Made Easy ..."

Visitor Smartphone Trends Drive New Approaches to Interaction

It is hard to miss the fundamental shift underway in the way people get information, communicate with each other and access entertainment content driven by the power of Mobile Smartphone technology.  Today, over half of the visitors walking into your institution have a Smartphone in their pocket and this trend is accelerating.  They are accustomed to downloading applications and content and searching for information through the Smartphone wherever and whenever they want.  Your institution needs to take advantage of this new way of interacting with the world!

You have almost certainly considered the importance and value of reaching out to iPhone and Android Smartphone equipped visitors. However, until today, developing a professional tour app from scratch was challenging and time consuming (especially if app development is not a core function of your organization) and outsourcing Smartphone app development to a 3rd party consultant is pricey, takes a long time and is hard to maintain.

Spatial Adventures recognizes your need for a simple, inexpensive and powerful solution for creating branded iPhone and Android tour apps and the Spatial Smartphone TourApp Service has been specifically designed to address your need.

Key Features of Spatial TourApp Service

AppBuilder Web-Portal Features:

  • Simple web-form driven application development (no coding or software knowledge needed)
  • Branding opportunities including logos, web-links, and unique content from your institution
  • Simple content upload process for your images, text, tour map and audio content
  • Flexible and quick process to update and change your Smartphone TourApp content

Spatial TourApp Service Features:

  • Automated TourApp compiling in both iPhone and Android Smartphone systems (over 90% of the Smartphone market)
  • Automated TourApp testing and verification
  • Automated submission and posting of your branded TourApp on Apple App Store and Google Play for easy access by your visitors including search terms and graphics
  • Simplified and automated process to change, add or delete TourApp content that is automatically pushed to the visitors
  • Reports on TourApp use

What your visitors experience from your Smartphone TourApp:

  • Simple download process, clean and appealing user interface designed specifically for the iPhone and Android Smartphones
  • Rich combination of Audio, Images and Text to tell the story of your Exhibit, Museum, Walking Tour, etc.
  • Tour Stop oriented flow that allows both linear and random access to content and stories
  • GPS and Map integration to allow easy navigation through the Tour
  • Institution information page to allow further education and donation opportunities by linking to your web-site or other information sources

Click App Store badge to download an example TourApp for the iPhone called ("The Historic Concord, MA Tour") or click Google Play badge to download the Andorid version.

So Let's Get Started!

The process for creating your Smartphone TourApp is easy and painless.

  • Submit a Request Form and download the Guide to AppBuilder. You are welcome to call us: (703) 637-6373
  • Create an account on the Spatial AppBuilder web-portal (the URL and Sign Up process is found in the Guide to AppBuilder).
  • Begin building your Smartphone Tour App