• Smartphone TourApp
  • The Guide to AppBuilder provides all the information you need to create an account on the AppBuilder web portal and to start building your TourApp for iPhone and Android phones.

    (If you are interested in the SmartphoneTourApp Service and haven't submitted the Request Form please take a minute to do so after downloading the Guide)

    Guide to AppBuilder

    \AppBuilder is a web application that enables you to upload and input your app content (images, audio, text, map). Once you have finished entering your content into AppBuilder, we repurpose the content into your iPhone app and Android app and release the tour apps on the App Store and Google Play.

    The Guide to AppBuilder describes the step-by-step process for entering the content that will be compiled into your tour apps.


  • Mobile Phone AudioTour
  • As soon as you have received a tour site and an account on the customer web portal you will be ready to begin creating your audio tour. The Guide to Tourbuilder that you download from this page is the basic reference document that will enable you to rapidly construct your audio tour.

    Guide to Tourbuilder

    Tourbuilder is a ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) application integrated into the customer web portal that enables you to construct your mobile phone tour: Create/add/delete tour stops, upload/change/delete audio content, record audio over the phone and add the audio to the desired tour stop, etc.

    The Guide to Tourbuilder describes the simple step-by-step process for performing the 8 most common functions for managing your tour’s audio content. Using the Guide as a reference you are ready to create your tour.

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