Spatial Adventures, Inc. is a privately held corporation founded in July of 2000. Spatial Adventures has the distinction of being the original U.S. service provider of mobile phone based touring services AND the longest continuously operating mobile phone tour service provider. In the mid-1990s, the founders of Spatial Adventures invented the concept of the mobile phone tour (and, in particular, the concept of location-based tourism). In 2004, Spatial Adventures pioneered the 1st commercial mobile phone tour service. Spatial Adventures provides a range of compelling Mobile tour services that are constantly being enhanced to best serve our customers. Today, our services include Mobile AudioTours and Smartphone TourApps.


At Spatial Adventures our mission is three-fold:

  1. Eliminate the cost barrier that previously limited the opportunity of non-profit organizations and for-profit institutions and corporations to offer self-guided tourism services.
  2. Harness the advances in mobile wireless technology to enrich the tourism experience.
  3. Strengthen and expand the relationship of our cultural, historical, and educational institutions, our National and State Parks, our environmental and conservation sites, and our convention and visitors bureaus with current visitors and facilitate a new relationship with the next generation of visitors and patrons.

Since the very first commercial mobile phone tour back in 2004, we have offered the ONLY universally affordable self-guided mobile phone tour service engineered to enable ALL venues regardless of size and budget to offer visitors a compelling and informative mobile tourism experience.