How to Set Up Your Smartphone TourApp

Getting Started

The process for creating your Smartphone TourApp is easy and painless.

  • Submit a Request Form and download the Guide to AppBuilder. You are also always welcome to call us: (703) 637-6373.
  • Speak with a Spatial Adventures representative to obtain an account on the AppBuilder web portal. We offer a 14-day free trial period during which you can try out AppBuilder to see if it is the right solution for your needs.
  • Begin building a Smartphone Tour App
  • Assuming our service meets your needs then sign up to complete your Tour App and have it published on the App Store and Google Play

TourApp Content

The AppBuilder web-portal provides simple templates for uploading your content [images/photos, audio clips, text and graphical map] to create your compelling Smartphone Tour. 

AppBuilder requires no knowledge or skill in software development, coding, or app development. The only skills required are filling in web-based forms and creating the images (graphics) and audio files required to capture the story of your tour.  There are many ways to record audio including the use of audio recording software on a computer, making the recording on a Smartphone, or having the recording produced at a studio.  You simply upload the resulting .mp3 files to AppBuilder.

In order to produce the tour apps you will be creating content for 5 items:

  1. App Icon (the icon that appears on the iPhone or Android phone):  graphics
  2. Splash Screen (the screen that appears while the app is loading): graphics
  3. Tour Stops: A tour stop can include any combination of an image (usually a photo), audio, and text
  4. Custom Tour map (optional): graphics
  5. Info Screen (a screen that provides information about your tour and your organization): text, graphics (your logo) and links (your website, donation page, etc.)

Note: The Guide to AppBuilder provides the dimensions and file formats for your graphics and walks you through the steps for uploading your content.

When you have completed entering all of your content Spatial Adventures compiles and releases your branded Smartphone TourApp to the Apple App Store and Google Play online stores.  The AppBuilder web-portal allows you to add, change and delete content to always keep your tour fresh and current.


Screenshot of Spatial AppBuilder web-portal